Website Building

What does the World Wide Web mean for your business? Do you have a web presence? Do you need a web presence? What can a website do for you? Do you prefer basic information listed or a eCommerce website to produce as your relax.

Our Web Design Team has been building application & online presence for over 15 years. We have over 30 years of background experience with fortune 500 companies working closely in building online capabilities.

We offer pricing strategies that are appropriate to match the stage of your business develop and success you are seeking to reach. As a business owner you realize the importance of your image and keeping your cost in line with your budget. Vantage Point Marketing understands small business and how important a website is to the success of your business.

Our application/smart websites are built on a Php platform utilizing MySQL database which provides the owner many options to expand their business when needed. Websites equipped with controls so you, your admin or an assistant can update all content, pictures or video.
We include a module into our platform to allow for:
• Fully Controlled Image Galleries (add, delete or replace images from your events, homes for sale or ads )
• E-mail Capture ( collects e-mail addresses from visitors)
• Flyer Module: communicate with customers through newsletters and promotions.
• Content easily updated through a smart page in your admin same as the galleries.
• Have Access to administrate all your new or old e-mails as well as traffic status that you can access at any time
• Fully Optimized using our organic SEO program that is built into your website. Minimizes the need to hire SEO or spend dollars for such services.

Our websites optimize very strongly on search engines using our organic SEO program that is built into our application and your website – so in the nut shell you do not need to hire any SEO companies, and don’t have to spend high dollars for such service.

We build websites from the simple introduction to give you an address on the internet to eCommerce websites that produces business while you sleep.