Graphic Design/Video Shorts

So how is your graphic design department doing? Don’t you have a person(s) on staff that can make up a nice flier with incredible images, awesome flow and messaging that leads customers to breaking down your door? Certainly a small business like yours can afford to play someone $75 per hour to sit in the office and draw pictures.

Graphic design person on hand is not as easy as most think. Oh, there is always a person in the office that can do a good job on a simple job project however is that giving the proper respect to what is truly needed? Often times I see a small business that has three different logos. These logos span over a 5 year period of time and they are often representative of the different personalities on staff during the time graphics were needed.

Small businesses are strapped with their workload and don’t have the expertise in specific areas such as graphic design to produce professional marketing material on short notice. Your so called design person may do well for the simple flier however does their creation represent the broader marketing presentation that helps build your brand?

Vantage Point helps companies get control of their graphic and video department. We offer afford professional services to help provide brand consistency, professionalism and design specifically for the event, campaign or image that your company strives to portray. We provide you all the images and artwork so you can use on your own to stay in budget as well always offer the comfort to business owners they have a graphic department just a phone call way.